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chris christie talked about how a slow start for the recovery is hard for families and communities to bounce back. >> they took 92 days for the federal government to act on aid to sandy victims. >> reporter: for many frustrated by the full process of government grants and insurance claims, volunteers are the only way they've managed to survive. >> we've had a lot of support from outside groups. of course, habitat for humanity. they're a god send. and so that helps. >> help they're going to need for at least another year, if not longer. >> we can't think that the federal government is just going to take care of it all. it's going to be people like you and me who are going to step up. >> because there are still so many steps left. >> more help is on the way. yesterday washington approved an extra $5 billion in recovery funds for five states impacted by sandy. jay gray, nbc news, seaside heights, new jersey. >>> back here in the bay area, special meeting will be held tonight to help a family displaced by a six-alarm fire at a redwood city apartment building. the october 17th fire dest
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1